In-Class Activity

Learning Blade Online Missions

Learning Blade uses online “missions” highlighting an engaging societal problem that expose students to a wide range of high-demand STEM careers. This provides a framework for opening the learning discussion around the need to master STEM technologies and skills in order to solve the stated problem. The 12 missions in Learning Blade follow a format where students learn about 100 STEM careers and technologies while completing short lessons that demonstrate how fundamental academic skills are used in industry.

Research! Reflect! Retell!; An Advanced Manufacturing Company Report

In this activity, students will gain knowledge on modern day advanced manufacturing by researching an advanced manufacturing company. Students will answer the following questions provided below in essay form.

How to Participate:

Be a Maker

Think of a problem you can solve around your home or school by redesigning a product or process. (For more inspiration, ask a friend or family member about a problem or proces that needs solving.) Brainstorm on how you can solve the problem. Gather materials to aid you in solving the problem or making a difference in a process. Create/design your product.

Stem Cell Studies On Station

Orion's Quest places students in the role of research assistant in their classrooms supporting authentic research being conducted on the International Space Station.

Ten80 Student Racing Challenge

Students own a sports team and their ultimate goal is to engineer performance. This includes personal performance, team performance and of course, race performance. The base technology for Student Racing Challenge teams is a 1:10 scale electric radio-controlled (RC) car that can be setup in over 4 million ways before re-engineering a single part.

Fantastic Fridays

Fantastic Fridays lets K-12 students work in real college-level science labs. Students get hands-on science training, and even get to solve murder mysteries!

Sessions are free to schools, and generally last from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Afterward, teachers and students are encouraged to stay and enjoy lunch in the campus cafeteria.

Detroit Red Wings Future Goals - Hockey Scholar Program

The Future Goals Program teaches important skills that help prepare students for success in life. Using the fast-paced, exciting game of hockey as a learning vehicle, the program helps students understand the real world applications of science and math principles.

Detroit Red Wings I.C.E. Project – Driven by Chevrolet

This annual project focuses on supporting one (1) DPSCD elementary school each year with road and bicycle safety education through in-person interactions and/or branded written educational materials.
To develop the content, the Red Wings would seek guidance from local organizations in the road safety education space (ex. Safe Kids Worldwide).
After delivering the road and bicycle safety education, a special event would be held to award each student at the school with a brand-new bicycle and safety equipment.

LEGO EV3 Mindstorm Robotics

Teachers looking to empower students, turning their natural curiosity into creative exploration, can use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 as an instant engagement tool. Students will use EV3 robotic kits to build robots to spec and will code them to complete activities.

Participate in an Engineering Design Challenge

An Engineering Design Challenge introduces students to the engineering design process through a hands-on, scenario based activity. They promote critical thinking and problem solving, while giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively. The steps of the engineering design process include:
1. Ask - What is the problem we are seeking to solve? What are the constraints of our possible solution?
2. Imagine - Brainstorm possible solutions to your challenge. Allow students to be creative and think outside the box here!