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The Challenger programs serves approximately 8000 students and several hundred teachers each year in a service area that includes Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Programs include simulated space missions that reinforce and introduce students to real-world applications of STEM principles. Students have the opportunity to participate in Full or Mini Missions, in which they conduct research and solve problems about Outer Space.

Time Details: 

Contact your local Challenger Center for available programs, including the required time spent there.

Cost Details: 

Typically, full missions cost $500. Other programming is also available, depending on the center.

People Details: 

The number of people and eligible grade levels depends on the location and the type of program selected.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students learn about Outer Space in an environment where they must work together to complete the mission.
Activity Address: 
4810 Alben Barkley Drive
42001 Paducah , KY
United States
37° 3' 24.5376" N, 88° 39' 25.1172" W
Kentucky US
4001 Herman St
40212 Louisville , KY
United States
38° 15' 37.8576" N, 85° 48' 55.5948" W
Kentucky US
1 Community College Drive
41701 Hazard , KY
United States
37° 14' 8.322" N, 83° 10' 35.8572" W
Kentucky US
1401 Leo Street
45404 Dayton , OH
United States
39° 47' 2.0256" N, 84° 10' 31.1088" W
Ohio US
4955 Seaman Road
43616 Oregon , OH
United States
41° 39' 12.0204" N, 83° 25' 51.6288" W
Ohio US
855 East 5th Street
37403 Chattanooga , TN
United States
35° 2' 52.206" N, 85° 17' 40.686" W
Tennessee US
United States
39° 55' 6.3372" N, 75° 8' 11.958" W
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