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Video Game Design

Tennessee Information:

*One submission per group per academic year.*

Program Description:
Students will create a video game using the Unity or the UnReal platforms. Students will be expected to use the Engineering Cyle in which they will Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve.


  1. Break students into teams of 4-5. Students brainstorm objective of video game and research platform options.
  2. Students decide which platform, Unity or Unreal, is more applicable to their design.
  3. Students design characters and objectives of each stage level and develop detailed gaming instruction manual.
  4. Students will practice coding by designing game on one of the student-friendly platforms.
  5. Students develop a marketing plan for their video game, including logos, posters, and game covers.


Outcomes of Program
Students utilize creativity and problem solving to design a product from start to finish. Using the engineering design process, students create and improve a video game. Students develop computer science skills along the way, including debugging, prototyping, C++, and Java.

Time Details: 

Once per week, 2-3 months

Cost Details: 

Unity Platform – Free for schools to use
Unreal Platform – Education license is needed

People Details: 

Teams of 4-5 students in a classroom or an afterschool club

Submission Details: 

One per team or group per academic year.

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