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TTU Baja SAE Visit

Tennessee Information:

Program Description:
In this activity students will visit Tennessee Tech's Mechanical Engineering Department's BAJA Team to learn the history of BAJA, learn how the team is created and who the team members are and what their role is on the BAJA team, speak to BAJA members about their progress and plans for the future, and ultimately view the TTU BAJA Car.

Time Details: 

It would be a day visit. However, this could be repeated over the year, so that students could observe progress.

Cost Details: 

This activity is free to complete. The only cost would be to get the students to TTU.

People Details: 

Class or group field trip.

Submission Details: 

One submission per class or group per visit.

Outcome of the Activity: 
The activity supports these TN/CCSS: Grade 8 : Embedded Technology & Engineering Society benefits when engineers apply scientific discoveries to design materials and processes that develop into enabling technologies. Guiding Question How do science concepts, engineering skills, and applications of technology improve the quality of life? Grade Level Expectations Checks for Understanding State Performance Indicators GLE 0807.T/E.1 Explore how technology responds to social, political, and economic needs. GLE 0807.T/E.2 Know that the engineering design process involves an ongoing series of events that incorporate design constraints, model building, testing, evaluating, modifying, and retesting. GLE 0807.T/E.3 Compare the intended benefits with the unintended consequences of a new technology. GLE 0807.T/E.4 Describe and explain adaptive and assistive bioengineered products.
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