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Tour the DOE Manufacturing Demonstration Facility

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Describe the Activity: 

The Department of Energy’s first Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, established at ORNL, helps industry adopt new manufacturing technologies to reduce life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions, lower production cost, and create new products and opportunities for high-paying jobs.

Time Details: 

Half day.

People Details: 

Class field trip or small groups.

Submission Details: 

One submission per class per year

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students have the opportunity to explore both additive and composite manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing: Drawing on its close ties with industry and world-leading capabilities in materials development, characterization, and processing, ORNL is creating an unmatched environment for breakthroughs in both metal and polymer additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Composite Manufacturing: New, innovative manufacturing processes for low-cost precursor development and conversion technologies hold the key to reducing carbon fiber cost for energy applications. Similarly, innovative performance-focused materials and processes can potentially drive significant performance improvements for national security applications.
Activity Address: 
2370 Cherahala Blvd.
37932 Knoxville , TN
United States
35° 57' 12.9312" N, 84° 9' 23.1948" W
Tennessee US
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