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SWE Memphis Robotics Challenge

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Describe the Activity: 

The Memphis Middle School Mindstorm Competition began in 2014 as an outreach event to promote STEM engagement. The format was simple—provide a Mindstorm EV3 kit, a competition format, and a STEM mentor. The results were overwhelming. What started with a group of 3 teams grew to 29 teams, 150 students, and 60 mentors/volunteers for the 2016 event. The competition is continuing to grow into 2017 with an anticipated 39 teams, 164 students, and numerous volunteers!

Time Details: 

These teams meet two-three times a week over a course of 3 months working on different parts of their programs. Programs are broken into segments that smaller groups can complete. They also must complete a board explaining their process to solve challenges and problems during their course.

People Details: 

Teams of students 3-5 in size. One to two adults to help facilitate when they get "stuck" and manage any down time between segments.

Submission Details: 

One submission per team per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Provides mentors to change the Techbridge statistic where *<50% of high school girls know someone in a STEM career Offers a free competition to students & schools Expands diversity in STEM Encourages STEM study in Memphis
Activity Address: 
Memphis , TN
United States
35° 8' 58.3224" N, 90° 2' 56.328" W
Tennessee US
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