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SURGE Pitch Competition

*One submission per class per academic year.*

Program Description:
Design and pitch a startup business that solves a problem with a marketable product or service. Students will participate in Surge pitch competition, where they will pitch their ideas for starting a business around a product or service. Through applying the scientific method to starting a business, they will build a canvas, a simplified business plan, where they will identify problems and form solutions in the form of a hypothesis. Through early customer centric testing, creation of feedback loops, and reiteration, students will refine their ideas into a high quality product or service, and build a formal business plan that is presented in the culminating event.

Time Details: 

3 Class periods per week for about 6 to 9 weeks

People Details: 

Students can submit proposal as a group.

Submission Details: 

One submission per class per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 

Collaboration: Networking, Network with experts/ professionals

Critical Thinking: Expert Knowledge, Accessing, using, and applying information and knowledge. Applying expert and professional knowledge in solution development.

Innovation: Invent, Using creative thinking to construct something new and valuable. Define problem, develop solution and invent new product


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