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(Solo) LIFT Simulation

Tennessee Information:
*Only one submission per individual. If completing as a group, please use the (Group) LIFT Simlation activity for submitting points.*
Owning/Managing Organization: TTU's iCube and Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT)
Program Description:
LIFT Simulation is a virtual reality application created for the Oculus Rift. Players ride a conveyor belt and build a car around them, choosing materials for each stop along the way. 
Objectives of Program:
Learn what it's like inside a factory of the 21st century, and discover what materials you can choose to make your car go faster or slower. 
Time Details: 

Simulation will only take a few minutes! Available for unlimited replay.

Cost Details: 

If you already have Oculus Rift, the simulation is free for download and play!

People Details: 

Only one person can play at a time, but each player can submit the activity for points!

Submission Details: 

This activity is for INDIVIDUALS ONLY. Please click here if you are submitting this activity as a group or classroom activity and only submit once per group.