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Participate in an Engineering Design Challenge

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An Engineering Design Challenge introduces students to the engineering design process through a hands-on, scenario based activity. They promote critical thinking and problem solving, while giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively. The steps of the engineering design process include:
1. Ask - What is the problem we are seeking to solve? What are the constraints of our possible solution?
2. Imagine - Brainstorm possible solutions to your challenge. Allow students to be creative and think outside the box here!
3. Plan - Select the best solution and start planning your design. Determine the materials you will need to be successful.
4. Create - Create your solution, test it out and make note of the strengths and weaknesses of your solution
5. Improve - Now that you have an initial prototype, think about how you can improve it!

Check out the following websites for some great suggestions of Engineering Design Challenges:

Time Details: 

Engineering Design Challenges typically take place over one or several class periods. Unlike a PBL, they can be completed in one course.

Cost Details: 

The only cost associated with engineering design challenges are the necessary materials.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Engineering Design Challenges engage students in the Engineering Design Process, which engages students in the processes engineers undertake every day!
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