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Mobile Manufacturing Experience

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Describe the Activity: 

Through the mobile manufacturing experience, we offer workshops/outreach on the future of and career opportunities in manufacturing. In addition, our mobile manufacturing experience provides access to tools and systems to understand different aspects of manufacturing, including:

• Additive manufacturing systems
• Robotics
• Laser cutting
• Design software
• Modeling and simulation
• …and much more! 

Time Details: 

Typical approach is for classes of approximately 20-25 students to be in the mobile classroom for 30-45 minutes, providing them the overview of manufacturing and the opportunity to see the different systems in operation.

Cost Details: 

We seek funding from sponsors to cover the cost of the mobile classroom to locate at a school for 3-5 days. With funding in place, there is no cost to the school or student.

People Details: 

If a school would like the mobile manufacturing experience, we arrange for an initial meeting to determine timing and duration, as well as define the number of students to be involved. We then seek funding to support the movement of the classroom. Once funding is secured, then the final schedule is developed and the mobile manufacturing experience is deployed.

Submission Details: 

One submission per class per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students will gain an understanding of what the US manufacturing industry looks like and what the various types of educational and career opportunities are. Expanded programming is being created to provide short exercises to allow students to be more hands-on with some of the tools and systems in the classroom.
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