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Middle Tennessee STEM Expo

Earn Points:
To earn points for this activity, upload a photo of you at the activity, a copy of a certificate earned, or other documentation to show that you participated.

Describe the Activity: 

The Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub encourages students to engage in projects involving a process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem or challenge. These rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice skills necessary for success such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The STEM EXPO will showcase original projects by Middle and High school students from the STEM Hub partnering school districts across middle Tennessee.

People Details: 

The STEM EXPO is open to all students in middle and high schools from STEM Hub partnering school districts. Team and individual projects welcome. At least one
participating student must be present at the EXPO to represent each entry.

Submission Details: 

One submission per student or team per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students can engage in projects in any of the following areas: • STEM Research: Science, mathematics, engineering, biotechnology or medical/veterinary medicine • Engineering I: Mechanical, Industrial, Civil, Aerospace or Automotive • Engineering II: Environmental, Biomedical, Chemical or Electrical • Technology: Computer programming, games, designing application or designing websites • Agricultural STEM: Farming and animal husbandry
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