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LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour

Tennessee Information:
*One submission per class per academic year.*
Owning/Managing Organization: Doktor Kaboom! and TPAC's Polk Theater
Program Description:
Science leaps from the textbook to the stage in this lively exploration of the nature of electricity. What is it? What does it do for us? Where does it come from? With exciting on-stage demonstrations of Tesla Coils and Van de Graaf Generators, Doktor Kaboom explains voltage, current, charges, energy conservation, plasma and more. Mixing-in equal parts of fact and fun, David Epley’s zany character engages students in a performance that inspires a new attitude and zest for scientific learning. Back by popular demand, the Seattle-based artist also emphasizes the importance of self-confidence, respect for one another and the value of education.
Outcomes of Program:
Embedded Inquiry
Embedded Technology and Engineering
Standard 3 – Flow of Matter and Energy
Standard 9 – Matter
Standard 10 – Energy
Standard 11 – Motion
Standard 12 – Forces of Nature
Character Acting
Theatrical Design
Scene Comprehension
Standard 10 – Injury Prevention and Safety
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Connections
Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making
Time Details: 

LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour produced by Doktor Kaboom! is from November 29-December 2, 2016 in Nashville, Tn.

Cost Details: 

Ticket Price: $8.00

People Details: 

Reservations must be made for a group of ten or more.

Submission Details: 

One Submission per group/class.

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