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Learning Blade

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Owning/Managing Organization: Thinking Media
Program Description: 
Learning Blade is an effective tool designed to grab students’ attention while introducing them to STEM careers and technologies. 
Learning Blade is a STEM GAME CHANGER! This high quality supplemental curriculum focuses on offering students real-world learning experiences in STEM education. It does this by providing student-ready, interactive missions that integrate the processes of developing a student’s interest in STEM, building awareness of STEM career opportunities, and reinforcing academic standards and skills.
Fully Internet-based, Learning Blade does not require extensive teacher training or classroom materials and is complementary to projector lab-based activities. The unique curriculum allows the activities to be utilized both in an entertaining self-paced game environment and as skill practice within academic classrooms.
Outcomes of Program: 
Learning Blade® has been validated as a supplemental tool for increasing STEM career awareness and interest by Battelle Education.
Learning Blade RESULTS also include:
DOUBLING the # of students interested in becoming an engineer and/or scientist 
79% Increase In students recognizing “Math is helpful when solving interesting problems.” 
69% Increase In students recognizing “What I learn in school will be useful later in life.”
57% Increase In students interested in taking advanced math classes in high school.
Each lesson within the Learning Blade system is correlated to academic standards for each state, thus allowing teachers to choose individual lessons for their students based on where they feel a student needs more practice. Points earned during the lessons are available in convenient reports and can be used as assignment or homework grades.
Time Details: 

Each lesson in Learning Blade is approximately 10 to 15 minutes of STEM engagement. Express Missions are 1-2 hours and Full Missions are 8-10 hours. There are over 100 hours of middle school, standards- aligned STEM curriculum in Learning Blade.

Cost Details: 

Learning Blade is free for all schools in Tennessee. For other states, contact your Learning Blade representative for more information.

People Details: 

Teachers can implement Learning Blade in their classroom and complete either a single mission or all those available.

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ONLY TEACHERS MAY SUBMIT. One submission per teacher per semester.

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