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Knowledge Tree STEM Challenges

Tennessee Information:

Owning/Managing Organization: Knowledge Tree

Program Description:
Knowledge Tree has partnered with University of Memphis to create the STEM Challenge. Students work in teams to complete monthly challenges issued by the University of Memphis Engineering Department Ambassadors. Students will be be introduced to basic engineering principles such as:
•Testing of multiple variables
•Data collection
•Using teamwork and problem-solving skills to win the challenge!

Time Details: 

January 14th – Catapult – 4th-8th Grade (1pm-3pm)
February 11th – Water Boat Racing and Surface Tension: 1st-3rd grade (10am-noon) 4th-8th grades (1pm-3pm)
March 4th – Wind Car (and Turbine): 1st-3rd grade (10am-noon) 4th-8th grades (1pm-3pm)
April 1st – Science of Sound: 1st-3rd grade (10am-noon) 4th-8th grades (1pm-3pm)
May 6th – Oil spill: 1st-3rd grade (10am-noon) 4th-8th grades (1pm-3pm)

Cost Details: 

$5.00 per student.

People Details: 

Solo or small group activity

Submission Details: 

One submission per student per STEM Challenge.

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