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Discovery Park of America STEM Challenge

*One submission per team per academic year.*
Owning/Managing Organization: Discovery Park of America, Imerys, and Northwest Tennessee STEM Hub
Program Description:
Discovery Park of America is proud to partner with the Northwest Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub to present a STEM Competency Challenge! Opened in 2013, the Discovery Park of America has quickly established itself as a premier destination for both families and schools. Since opening, over 700,000 guests have visited the park. Located in rural North West TN, one of the biggest challenges facing Discovery Park is the need to create new events and attractions that will keep the local population interested in making multiple visits as time passes. To begin the challenge, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with what is already on display at the park. You can find a list of the current exhibits at Participating teams will also be invited to the park to view everything first hand. Challenge number one is to land on an idea for something Discovery Park officials haven’t already done! Once you’ve settled on a theme for your exhibit, you’ll be ready to begin the design. As you complete this challenge, you will explore several aspects of STEM!
Outcomes of Program: 
The STEM Challenge is way to prepare participants for a future in the workforce. To succeed in this STEM challenge, you’ll need to work as part of a team with a variety of people, across a variety of disciplines, exactly as you will need to do in the real world!
Time Details: 

This activity requires several months to complete.

Cost Details: 


Submission Details: 

One per team.

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