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Design a STEM Outdoor Classroom or Playground

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Describe the Activity: 

Program Description:
Design an an outdoor classroom for your school. Student teams will apply a human-centered design process to design and build a model of an outdoor classroom or playground for their school. The classroom should meet the needs identified by the science teacher sponsor and take into consideration both functional and aesthetic considerations. The students should consider opportunities to obtain donated materials and choose materials that will meet outdoor classroom needs while balancing cost constraints. The teams will hold a design review with the sponsor and present three design options embodying varying degrees of design risk (i.e., “Ford”, “Cadillac”, and “Lamborghini” design concepts). After the design review, the teams will create a final design and build it out. For the science teacher sponsor, the focus is on designing and creating an effective outdoor classroom environment that facilitates learning objectives in a creative and aesthetically pleasing design.

Time Details: 

9 weeks
meet in groups 5 time per week.

About 40 to 45 hours.

Cost Details: 

The primary cost of this activity are the materials used to design the playground. Students

People Details: 

Groups and Teams of 4 to 6 students.

Submission Details: 

Students could create a digital STEM outdoor classroom that could be made into a physical location.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Collaboration: Working with other people on a project or problem to achieve a shared goal. Critical Thinking: Accessing, using, and applying information and knowledge. Innovation: Using creative thinking to construct something new and valuable.