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The COtoberfest is a celebration of those among us that are working with their hands, pioneering software development, picking up the paint brush and hitting the ground running on a business idea that will change their community for the better.

People Details: 

These events are for the curious, thoughtful, hardworking, inventive—they are for ANYONE. Kiddos too! (They'll likely enjoy the Saturday events the most.) Our hope is that it will encourage you to think, create and imagine. All events take place here at theCO: 541 Wiley Parker Rd. Jackson, TN, 38305.

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541 Wiley Parker Rd
38305 Jackson , TN
United States
Tennessee US
United States
39° 55' 6.3372" N, 75° 8' 11.958" W
United States
39° 55' 6.3372" N, 75° 8' 11.958" W
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