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CodeScience Open Work Space Design Project

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Describe the Activity: 

The solutions should be effective in creating workspaces that foster collaboration while reducing disruptive sounds. The solutions should also be aesthetically pleasing and consider cost, durability, and buildability. For the business partner, the focus is on the thoughtful, creative design to improve the effectiveness of the open environment workspace. For the students, the focus is on the collaboration and critical thinking skills to solve the sound issues.

Time Details: 

Student teams will meet approximately 3 times per week to complete project.

Cost Details: 

Money used to buy certain materials to use for possible prototypes.

People Details: 

Groups of 3 to 5 students.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students develop the following skills through the completion of this project: -Collaboration: Students work in teams to achieve a common goal -Critical Thinking: Students access and apply prior knowledge to solve a problem -Innovation: Students apply critical thinking skills to develop something new
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