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Code TN

*One submission per team per academic year.* 

Program Description:
We want Tennessee to become the go-to place for talent recruitment in the field of software design. We want to develop strong local relationships between schools and businesses, increase access for students, provide teachers with strong training, and make sure that 100 percent of our students have the opportunity to learn computer programming in school. But it won't be easy, we need your help. Our flagship event is the annual competition. A six month process where students work closely with their team, TechPro, and teacher sponsor to plan, design, and code their own dynamic web application in the hope of winning $5000 for their school.

Time Details: 

Student teams meet weekly to prepare for the competition.

People Details: 

Students compete in teams.

Prize Details: 

Teams can win up to $5000 for winning the regional competition.

States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One submission per team per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 

TASK: Produce a dynamic web application to alleviate or solve a community problem. Projects are evaluated based on both user and technical criteria.

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